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Some years ago I bought a house nine miles west of Healdsburg, CA. The house was embedded in an earthen hillside on two sides and thus had to have heavy-duty and substantial waterproofing on the two sides embedded in the earth and over the roof, which was covered in earth as well. Not long after we bought it, one of the walls that stood against the earth began to leak. To cut to the chase, this company, North Coast Waterproofing, Inc., advised us that they could successfully fix this issue, but that the two embedded walls would have to be completely excavated and exposed, so that the workers would have access for the job to be done. The house was exposed on the two sides embedded against an earthen hillside, and the new material was installed over the outer surface of the block walls. The waterproofing membrane was bentonite clay.  I was skeptical because I had never seen such a job done. Dan Kulack, Estimator for North Coast Waterproofing, Inc.,  showed me a far larger job at a winery on Chalk Hill Road that their company was then performing, to convince me that they could do it–And in fact, this was their Specialty–that they did these kinds of complex waterproofing jobs for wineries all the time. To make a long story short,  North Coast Waterproofing, Inc., saved our house, saved us from serious potential losses of its resale value, and saved our lives. I cannot commend them highly enough. Estimator, Dan Kulack, now knows me–we have talked over the phone–and he can recall and confirm this information. I would prefer not to be contacted directly, being busy with my own work, but I would gladly confirm all I have said above after any serious potential client speaks to either President, Cliff Matthews or Estimator, Dan Kulack. These guys are professional, smart, experienced and dedicated to satisfying their clients  and couldn’t, in my view, be better.



  1. To any potential customers. PEP housing has used North Coast Waterproofing two times. The two jobs that Cliff did for us were done perfect. I am very particular in the work that is done at PEP housing, and Cliff gets an a+ in all aspects of the repair. 1) very professional 2) Cliff and his entire crew was very respectful and courteous to all resident during the job 3) Cliff worked closely with the property manager and myself to minimize the impact on the resident. 4) I will use North Coast Waterproofing again, and would highly recommend him . 5) I have worked with many contractors, and North Coast is one of the best contractors I have every done business with.

  2. Dawn S. says:

    With several storms hitting the North Bay in January 2017, I needed to stop a couple of places where surface water was coming into my townhouse due to a poor drainage system, which hadn’t been fixed by the HOA.

    North Coast Waterproofing drilled holes every 6” to 8” to insert ports in cold joints along the entire length back wall of our home. Next, they injected the ports with Seal Boss 1510 Water Stop Foam & Accelerator to protect against any potential water intrusion. Then they brushed two coats of Xypex Crystalline Waterproofing onto concrete wall and base next to the wall to keep water from wicking through the wall in the future. Finally, they pulled the ports and filled them with Xypex Hydro Plug.

    The North Coast Waterproofing crew was courteous, efficient and professional. There were no surprises with the bill. They cleaned up nicely and followed-up to make sure all was well. We’ve had several storms since then and absolutely no water intrusion!

    Dawn S.
    Feb, 2017

  3. Glen T says:

    We had a cement aggregate patio in very bad shape that needed resurfacing but we also didn’t want a plain cement surface. We liked the Westcoat products from Southern California for their texture and color choices and contacted them to find installers in the Napa Valley area and they referred us to North Coast Waterproofing. The owner, Cliff, always returned emails and phone calls the same day. The work could not be done unless we had dry weather in at least the mid 60’s for a week or more and this was going on during a rainy period this year. Cliff called on his own to keep us up to date. We never had to chase them down to find out where things stood as they always let us know on their own ahead of time.

    The crew working the job were all great. Very professional, courteous, good humored and patient as they always took the time to explain what they were doing and any options that may come up. Just before the final portion of the job was done we realized we had made a poor choice of the color that was already applied. We asked for options at the last minute to change this and Cliff worked with the Westcoat rep to make sure this could be done and still give us the final product we wanted. He came with his crew on the final day to make sure everything worked out as planned. Everyone at North Coast was extremely easy and pleasant to work with no matter what we asked. I ended up putting some small gouges in the finish moving things back to the patio after they were done and asked Cliff if he knew of any product for sale that might touch it up. He contacted the rep for samples and sent one of his crew back to our home to touch it up themselves. Its not just getting the job done that matters but the follow up service you get after its completed.

    I would use North Coast Waterproofing in the future without hesitation and would recommend them to anyone.

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